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Looking to build a house? We do that, and we will help you every step of the way.

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Providing Mid-Michigan with superior construction for over 50 years.
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Have questions? Look here for answers.

Q. How far away do you go to do projects?
Typically we work within a 30-40 minute drive of Lansing.

Q. Do you charge for your design services?
Typically, the first set of preliminary drawings is considered to be a part of our estimate and is not charged to you. If you decided to go beyond the preliminary stage, you will be charged for those services.

Q. Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, L.T. Schaefer provides a one year warranty. This warranty follows the current "National Association of Home Builder's Residential Construction Performance Guidelines." Contact us for full details.

Q. Do you do work during the winter months?
While weather is an issue for some types of work L.T. Schaefer does work year round.

Q. Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, as a professional builder we are licensed in the State of Michigan, and we carry liability and worker's compensation insurance. We also require all of our sub-contractors to carry insurance as well. You should always make sure that anyone that works on your home is properly insured.

Q. What size homes do you build?
As a custom home builder we build all different sized homes.

Q. What is an "Allowance?"
The easiest way to explain an allowance is with an example: If you have a $2,000.00 countertops allowance, this means that when you select your countertops if you spend $1,500.00 you will receive a credit that you can use for something else. But if you spend more than the $2,000.00 you will need to pay for the extra amount. We recommend shopping for your allowance items after the initial estimate, but before the contract.

Q. I have a certain company that I like to work with for _______. Can I use them if I work with you?
We will work with different subcontractors. However, for your protection, we require that they be properly insured and licensed (if required). They must also provide a firm written estimate, and they must provide assurance that they will complete the work in a timely manner.

Q. I live out of the area, but will be moving into the area. Do you ever work with a "long-distance client?"
We have worked for clients from out of the area and out of the state. In most cases, we can accommodate out-of-area clients.